Legally 18 │ Jullana Estelle

Locale: Bai Hotel, Mandue City
HMUA: Joseph Agbay
Coordination: Nikie Jabonero │ DIY Mom Events
Cake and Styling by : LMG Gaylord Aves
Host: Tom Candy
Dj: Kokas Lomera
GORGEOUS SET UP: Floral TOUCH by Chaty Archival Chaty Archival
Giveaways: EZ Perfume
Lights and effects: Chs Audiotech
Stage: Anthony Dy
Photobooth by Jogs Cantero Joan Cantero
Mobile bar: W&K
Styro stage: Sanchez Regalado Nelson
Gowns by : Wendell Quisido

– same day editing highlights for Jullana Estelle Salvacion’s 18th birthday.
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Hope to hear from you guys!

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