To our beloved clients, we are very fortunate for entrusting your moments with us. The trust you gave will always inspire us to take pictures that will surely have memories to be cherished forever.

We do hope to be part of your special moments again!

– J Robles Images –

” Hands Down! Rapport has been the biggest factor to create a story for a special event, especially that I have been shying away from the cameras when I decided to lay-low and get down to serious business.

My husband has always been awkward in front of camera. We wanted to have an outdoor photoshoot for the e-session, and both for the wedding, so the initial photographer I have in mind is Joemeth of J. Robles Images. In my opinion, a perfect shot at the outdoor can always get a perfect shot indoor.

Joemeth has been my officemate from my first job. He has been known as the official photographer of his other hobby, hiking. So I am confident that he will be able to pull it off. I have seen his works and as an officemate, I am guilty being one of his “test dummies”. hahahaha! Knowing him for quite sometime gave me comfort to go back in front of the lense to create a story with my then fiance.

Although we know each other, Joemeth and his team are very professional. He entertains my inquiries several times. My wedding is 2 years in the making, and I have been asking him of his rate(well, if he had increased his rate, and if he does, will haggle in which he doesn’t agree to my deals…hahahaha) and he response by sending me updates.

His team are very pro in directing us on what and how to pose to give a perfect shot. His team was also able to give us the comfort we need in order not to look pose-y and awkward. Barely natural. His team still able to get a shot even though it is raining.

The outputs? Great! I have been looking at the Save the Date video several times. Now that I got the wedding pictures, I browse them over again as they indeed make a story of how dramatic our the event is even though our lives are not that dramatic…hahahaha!

Thank you Joems and your team! Till next transactions. Kudos! ”
– Emma Ruth & Jan –

” We absolutely love the Photo’s, I cannot believe how perfect our pre nuptial and wedding pictures are. A massive thank you to J ROBLES PHOTOGRAPHY – Joemeth, Ronald and Jovil for creating amazing PHOTOS that will leave us with such fabulous memories from our big day.

You captured every moment of our day perfectly. To Ayeeren and Scarlet, we ‘re so grateful and we appreciate your huge help during our wedding.

I will highly recommend you time and again to anyone looking for a wedding photographer.
We wish you all the best for the future. You deserve every success.
Daghang Salamat kaau JRobles Images”
– Glenn and Mary Anne –


” A huge thank you to JRobles Photography… Ronald and I have spent a very happy couple of hours going through the album, reminiscing about the day and reminding ourselves of the day.
You documented every moment, the details, and emotions to look back on and relive the experience.

Thank you so much for making our wedding so special and the beautiful photos you have created, it such a wonderful end product.

God Bless And More Power to your team… ”
Ronald and Rhea

” Perfect moments can be reminisced by perfect photos.. made possible by JRobles! One word to describe, murag website: SULIT!

Thanks so much to you sir Jom and ms Aye, we really had great time.. More power to JRobles! “

– Kei & King –


” You truly live to your slogan: Create, Capture & Cherish. You helped us CREATE wonderful photographs, you CAPTURED not just an image but a picture that tells a lot of stories that our family will CHERISH for the rest of our lives.

Thank you for all your help during our wedding and a big thank you for giving us worth keeping memories.

Wish you all the best and may you continue capturing wonderful photographs. “

 – Justin & Emmy –

” 5 years have passed, but we still could not forget that very day when we exchanged our “I do’s” and Papang Joemeth and Mamang Ayereen, she, being my hubby’s first cousin and my childhood close friend, were there for us right from our Prenup Photoshoot at Fort San Pedro til our Wedding Day here in Calatrava, Negros Occidental – and if my memory serves me right, our Wedding was Papang Joemeth’s very first wedding photoshoot and mind you, he was all alone that time! Can you imagine that? He only hired somebody that day (temporarily) to act as his light man during the ceremony. Wasn’t he amazing? It was one hell of a job, with all the demands of a Wedding Photographer, but he did it so great and so brilliant and for that we will be forever thankful and grateful to him and his wife, cousin Ayereen, for capturing the most special, sweetest and emotional day of our lives.

For that experience and for all the photoshoots they have done right after our wedding up to this day – we salute and congratulate them and more so recommend them for their talent, passion, dedication and hardwork to make each of their photoshoot moment an experience that you will truly treasure in your whole lifetime!

Thank you again & again.
Kudos to the whole team! More blessings! We ♥ you! 😉 “

– Chris & Goldie Lorezo –

 ” My wife, Dyan and I were one of the the first clients. From our pre nup to our wedding day to my ass-kicker, Andres Franco’s baby pictorial, all moments and memories were indeed captured with beautiful, eye-catching and lovely photos.

Mr. Joemeth Robles and the rest of the TeamRoblesPhotography have done a wonderful and terrific job. Time flies so fast ~ countless satisfied clients ~ can be world-class ~ without any doubt, highly recommended!

Daghang Salamat JRobles Images! “

-Ruswell A. Bartolata –

” Thank you J Robles and crew for capturing the wonderful moments on our wedding day.

We hope to work with you again soon!! “

– Vanessa Guinita Sembrano –

” A lot of photographers think that if they buy a better camera they’ll be able to take better photographs. A better camera won’t do a thing for you if you don’t have anything in your head or in your heart. – Arnold Newman
We thank you for capturing our pre nup, wedding and our son’s first birthday.

These moments were captured beautifully by your brilliant talent in photography that we will treasure forever. “

– Diana Jean N. Bartolata –






Hope to hear from you guys!

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